According to angeology, every archangel rules overs one of the sephira from the Tree of Life.
Each of the archangels rules 8 angels whom task is to help humans during his whole life.  They are usually known as "guardian angels".
If we can ask angels to help us, we may egally invoke the archangels.

Thanks to the vibrations of both the image and the text, those cards aim to be a support to invoke archangels in order that their energy surrounds you all day long.
Who is your angel?
Who is your archangel?
If you were born between...
March 21  and April 30... Metatron
May 1st and June 10...  Raziel
June 11 and July 22... Tsaphkiel
July 23 and September 22... Tsadkiel
September 3 and October 13... Camaël
October 14 and  Nov. 22... Raphaël
November 23 and December 31... Haniel
January 1st and February 9... Michaël
February 10 and March 20... Gabriel
Please note that each angel's description is taken from Ambelain's book: La kabbale pratique (Practical Kabbalah)
Copyright Abraham 2009
Listen to Louis Lachance's Méditations angéliques.  We gratefuly thank him!