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The Archangels and angels chartRecto: Sephirotic TreeVerso: Angels and archangels chart with correspondig date of birth.8 1/2 x 11, sealed in durable lamination.Available both in english and french.
Also available: indivual cards for each archangel and angel.


LithotherapyDouble chart with solar and lunar stones and their properties.
Inside is described how to take use them and take care of them; a geometrical form will help you to dynamize and purify your stones.

Chakra ChartRecto: functions of the chakras on the physical and subtile plans. Inclusion of Svaroswki pearls for the differents chakras.Verso:  Stones, colors, essential oils, etc.8 1/2 x 11 (A4), sealed in durable lamination. Available both in english and french.
Also available: individual cards for the major chakras (mantra, musical vibration, physical activities, affirmation sentence)