Best wishes for 2021
We can achieve so much in this year 2021! All that is needed is the willingness to adopt - and adapt - a humanist and supportive vision.  Then let us erase...
Let us erase all our resentments; let us leave behind us our frustrations distorting the reality that surrounds us and corrupting our inner reality.  In this way we will find the strength and the path to Healing. Our power of interiority will be the keystone of our success.
Finally, we wish you a year 2021 full of positive creativity and Love, a year of abundance and serenity; may your wishes and desires come true, if it is right.

This new year offers us the opportunity for change and action. What changes will you tell me?
First of all, we need to consider a change in our attitudes and perceptions towards others in being more inclined towards tolerance, kindness and forgiveness.  This implies accepting what is different from us and moving destructive fears away from our humanity. We must therefore be discerning and reflective before uttering words that may be hurtful.  Rest assured: acceptance does not mean naivety and insignificant bliss .
2021 also gives us a glimpse of possibilities for action.  What actions? Acting with the right spirit.   But how can we do this? You know inwardly, and in all conscience, to separate the just from the unjust.  And there are so many right actions to take: helping your neighbor, listening and talking to him, sharing and giving with those who need you.  
Copyright Abraham 2009
Listen to Louis Lachance's Méditations angéliques.  We gratefuly thank him!